Efficient and Effective Water Treatment solutions
Eliminate iron, manganese and associated bio-fouling safer, quicker and more effectively.

PantoniteTM PM77 and PM88 are high-quality, NSF 60 certified, chlorine-free cleaning and disinfecting solutions. A proprietary mixture of organic and inorganic acids with additives, effective at removing iron, manganese and associated complex biofilm encrustations, as well as other contaminants, from water storage tanks, towers, contact chambers, and filter chambers. Also a superior method for enhanced well redevelopment, in situ filter and tri-pack media cleaning and other high surface area applications where Fe and Mn rich contamination exists.

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Enhanced Well redevelopment

Increased specific capacity and well yield

Improved water quality and lower costs

Minimal downtime with a 2-3 day treatment process



  • NSF – Certified for Drinking Water – Standard 60

  • Gentle and effective cleaning without substrate damage.

  • Rapid and emergency use available.


  • NSF – Certified for Drinking Water – Standard 60

  • Useful in high surface area applications with Fe and Mn rich contamination.

  • Both in situ and full bore hole applications for enhanced well redevelopment

  • Far more effective than simple acid or carbon dioxide freezing solutions

Water wells

Chemical cleaning and disinfection without chlorine, providing a swift and efficient turnaround. Removes the biofilm associated with iron and manganese build-up on the well screen and formation - returning the well back to its original specific capacity and yield.

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Tanks and Clearwells

Chemical cleaning and disinfection without chlorine, providing a swift and efficient turnaround. Low pressure application and with a extended lance, can reach 30' without the need for scaffolding.

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2 million gallon Aquastore Tank Cleaning, Champlain Water District, Burlington, VT.


Water Well Solutions was contracted to redevelop Greenville Wisconsin’s # 3 Municipal Well. They employed a combination of enhanced chemical cleaning, using Pantonite PM77and their HY-RIP well rehabilitation process to physically inject the PM77into the geological formation to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment. This unique combination of enhanced well redevelopment employing PM77 and the HY-RIP process shows the effectiveness of this treatment technology for the redevelopment of a heavily impacted, borehole constructed high yielding municipal well.


Panton McLeod – Americas supervised the tank cleaning of a 40,000 gallon, steel, ground level storage tank in Westfield, Iowa, conducted by Maguire Iron, Co. The tank cleaning with Pantonite PM88 was effective and efficient with minimal down-time. No interior scaffolding or ladders were necessary for the complete cleaning of this tank.


The use of a blend of Muriatic and Hydroxyacetic acids lost its effectiveness, prompting the Department to seek alternating redevelopment methods. Results of AquaFreed and Pantonite treatments show equal or better performance with Pantonite, at a reduced cost and impact to the physical infrastructure of the well.

RGF Filter bed cleaning

In Situ Chemical cleaning and disinfection without chlorine, providing a swift and efficient turnaround, at a 50-70% cost savings vs. removal of media.

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Air-stripping Towers

Through a sophisticated flushing in place process PantoniteTM is a very effective cleaning solution for Air Stripping Tri-Pack Media, while also cleaning the tower structure surfaces – removing fouling of both caused by iron and manganese related bacteria.

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