Water Well Solutions was contracted to redevelop Greenville Wisconsin’s # 3 Municipal Well. The well was originally constructed in 1995 with the following characteristics:

Geologic Composition: Drift 0 – 35’ Limestone 35-255’ Sandstone 255-600’

Hydrology and Well Yield:
119 ‘static water level
153’ pumping water level at 700 gpm
20.6 gallons per foot specific capacity

Pre – Redevelopment Statistics – January 25, 2016:

Hydrology and Well Yield:
130’ static water level
220’ pumping level at 730 gpm
8.1 gallons per foot specific capacity

Water Well Solutions employed a combination of enhanced chemical cleaning, using Pantonitetm PM77and their HY-RIPtm well rehabilitation process to physically inject the PM77into the geological formation to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Post-Redevelopment Statistics – January 28, 2016

130’ static water level
175’ pumping level at 780 gpm
17.3 gallons per foot specific capacity

Increased pumping rate to 1,020 gpm
With specific capacity of 13.1

Well Redevelopment using this innovative approach resulted in a 114% increase in specific capacity from the pre-redevelopment yield and a recovery from the original installation of 84%. In addition, Water Well Solutions conducted ATP Testing as an indicator of overall bacterial activity in the water well.
Pre redevelopment ATP results yielded an average over a 60 minute period of 642.4 RL Units while post redevelopment ATP results after2weeks of pumping yielded an average over a 60 minute period of 418 RL Units. A 35% reduction in bacterial viability in the production well.

This unique combination of enhanced well redevelopment employing PM77 and the HY-RIPtm process shows the effectiveness of this treatment technology for the redevelopment of a heavily impacted, bore-hole constructed high yielding municipal well.

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