Water wells
PantoniteTM 77 dissolves  iron, manganese, and associated complex bio-fouling encrustations formed by chemical and bacterial actions, and other contaminants in high capacity production wells

Enhanced well redevelopment, increased well yield, improved water quality and lower operating costs associated with nuisance levels of iron, manganese and biofilm.


  • Enhanced Well redevelopment
  • Both in situ and full well redevelopment methods available
  • Increased specific capacity and well yield
  • Reduction of heterotrophic and coliform bacteria associated with biofilms
  • Improved water quality
  • Lower costs
  • Minimal downtime with a 2-3 day treatment process
  • Extremely effective when faced with significant well degradation when combined with Nitrobust, Airburst or other borehole percussion processes



  • NSF – Certified for Drinking Water – Standard 60
  • Useful in high surface area applications with Fe and Mn rich contamination.
  • Effective when simple acid solutions fail.

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