Panton McLeod – Americas supervised the tank cleaning of a 40,000 gallon, steel, ground level storage tank in Westfield, Iowa, conducted by Maguire Iron, Co.
One of the tank walls had been power washed before enhanced chemical cleaning ensued:

There was however, significant iron/manganese/biofilm contamination of the remainder of the interior tank surfaces, as well as incomplete cleaning of the power washed surfaces: Pantonite PM88 solution was then applied to all tank surfaces using a telescopic wand with a fan applicator. This low pressure application of the PM88 solution allowed it to be atomized and adhere to the tank surfaces and dissolve the contaminants.

Approximately fifteen minutes after application, the spent solution was rinsed off with potable water from a garden hose until source water pH was attained. The tank cleaning was effective and efficient with minimal down-time. No interior scaffolding or ladders were necessary for the complete cleaning of this tank.

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