Swift and efficient turnaround following routine and emergency cleaning

PantoniteTM is unrivalled in fast, safe and effective chemical cleaning and disinfection of water storage reservoirs and clear wells without the requirement for chlorine.

Chemical cleaning involves lower pressure application – preventing structure damage caused by high pressure washing. We have developed our own powerful-yet-gentle chemical mixtures to dissolve iron and manganese and associated biofilm as well as removing pollutants. Stage 2 Compliance – Effective cleaning of bio-fouling on surfaces in a water storage facility significantly reduces the level of chlorine required to maintain water quality stability. A three man team is capable of cleaning up to a 500,000 gallon tank in one day. Regular cleaning reduces time and cost.

With the employment of a 30' lance, fan applicator and low pressure pump, a 40' tank can be effectively and efficiently cleaned employing the PM88 cleaning process without the need for scafolding and/or high pressure applications methods.

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